Liqueurs “Bouquet” Melon - Винпром АД Велико Търново
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Liqueurs “Bouquet” Melon

Ликьор „Bouquet“ Пъпеш

Liqueurs “Bouquet” Melon

The melon liqueur is prepared from naturally identical aromas, which give it a good and accurately recognizable profile. Light alcohol makes the taste lasting, with a long aftertaste. Pleasant softness and warmth complement the feeling of density and richness. This liqueur can be consumed alone or in a cocktail with our other liqueurs and spirits. The aroma is strong, intense and rich. The taste is ripe, sweet, fruity and juicy.
Everyone can unleash their imagination and combine the different tastes and aromas of our drinks, achieving the perfect cocktail that accurately describes their individual preferences.

At the exhibition “Vinaria” 2019, liqueur Melon proved to be a favorite of the young audience. With its deep yellow color and slightly greenish hue, rich aromatic complex, this liqueur stands out among the others.

Alcohol contains 15%vol and 30% of sugar.