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On the way to achieving distinctive taste, we have improved the technology for the production of our vinegar. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become even easier with the natural food products of “Vinprom” AD Veliko Tarnovo. They contain 6% acetic acid obtained by acetic acid fermentation of grape and/or apple wines by original depth technology. In this way, all the mineral and biological components are preserved, which turns an ordinary culinary recipe into a real masterpiece.

For each type of vinegar, we add specially selected ingredients such as natural honey, apples and grapes – important components in the food industry, as well as in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. By choosing “Vinprom” AD Veliko Tarnovo, you guarantee yourself and your loved ones not only delicious dishes but also quality products for homemade medicines.


Take a look at the vinegars that “Vinprom” AD Veliko Tarnovo offers: