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Tradition dictates that special occasions be celebrated with special drinks. Vinprom AD Veliko Tarnovo will help you present yourself in the best way to your relatives, friends and partners. We guarantee quality high-alcohol beverages – we use proven Bulgarian and foreign ingredients. These are high-quality alcohol, softened water, and honey. Using special technology we clean the alcohol, add vitamins C, B1 and B6, which reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on human health. Natural honey and lactose give our vodka a unique taste and silky softness.

Vinprom AD Veliko Tarnovo also produces gin. It contains 40% alcohol, and the aromatic notes of juniper, coriander, lemon and rose rank it among the most popular drinks for coolness and relaxation.

The mastic popular not only in the Balkans is among the products with the brand of Vinprom AD Veliko Tarnovo. Not only the natural anise essential oil is the key to the perfect drink – the traditional Bulgarian technologies, proven in time, make our mastic special.


Take a look at the alcoholic beverages that Vinprom AD Veliko Tarnovo offers: